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ASP (Application Service Provider) Solutions

ASP is the perfect web solution: low cost, fast and easy to use, and accessible to any user.

Vertical Markets

Vertical markets are "always-on" centers of information, products and services from the same domain.

Intranets and Extranets

Efficient corporate communication, increased personnel productivity, succesfull colaboration with partners? The answer: Intranet and Extranet.

Customer Relationship Management

Saving time, gaining clients' fidelity, lowering costs, increasing profit: CRM makes the process of client relationship management more efficient.

Content Management Systems

Outdated content? A difficult-to-use administrative interface? Lack of programming skills? The solution is a CMS Application.

Successful Website Planning

Online marketing is no longer a choice, it has became a necessity on today's market. Do you want a successful website?

The solution: Website Planning

Usability Problems In Creating Websites And Web-Based Applications

A website that is confused and difficult to use?
For best results is recommended using a variety of usability methodologies.

Internet Direct Mail Campaign From Development To Results Analysis

Email marketing is an effective communication with customers method, prospective customers and business partners who's main objective is increasing products and services sales.

Planning, Elaborating and Organizing Online Content

Quality content is the reason a user chooses a specific site and explains why he has chosen that one and not another.

Blogs – Anternative Communication and Advertising Methods for Corporations

The blog as a promotional / interaction tool is part of the new generation of software applications. Although for the personal blogs the market is expanding, corporative blogs do not have an uniform coverage of the market.

Fast Forward for TV Networks: from GRPs to Online Target Audiences Using Video Ads

With more and more people integrating the Internet in their daily lives, it's only a matter of time before the advertisers begin a quest for the online medium. But does this really mean that the era of traditional TV is fading away?