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TreeWorks creates Internet value

As far as you're concerned as beneficiaries, we are first and foremost the sum of our achievements.

We have a 9-year history and clients that have stuck with us for all this time. Most of them did, in fact. We are a small firm, but we can handle big projects (covering the entire life-cycle of a project - planning, development, maintenance, support, upgrading).

We're different from large corporations, because we cannot work on tens or hundreds of projects at once. And that is why we care more, both for our clients - because the loss of a client can be a significant blow, and for the projects - because we are judged by them. We care because we are a small firm, and it's the quality of our projects that brings us clients, not advertising or connections.

We have the courage to try new things, projects for fun, even if they don't bring money on short term. We try new things because the experience we earn makes us better.

[ 20 Sep 2010 ]
First prize for ZeList Monitor and
At the 2010 edition of Webstock Awards, TreeWorks won first prize for all the three projects signed in the competition: ZeList Monitor, and Inna Twitter Uncovering Game. According to the organizers, “Webstock Awards salute the most creative and original projects and social media campaigns recently released in Romania”.
[ 29 Sep 2008 ], a new TreeWorks web solution
On the 29th of September 2008, TreeWorks launched the new website. With a fresh and dynamic interface which is adapted to both its audience and the design of the new Adevarul print version, the new website brings forward the quality of its content.
[ 02 Jun 2008 ]
TreeWorks has launched the new website
TreeWorks has launched the new website. The website sets itself apart by aid of a friendly, dynamic design and a very organized set of information. The website provides its users both with constantly updated information, interactive games and a communication platform.
[ 10 May 2008 ] has been relaunched!
On the 10th of May 2008,, the most important culinary Romanian website, has been relaunched, together with a fresher design and an improvement of the editorial content.
[ 23 Jan 2008 ]
TreeWorks launches PRO CINEMA
The new website was especially designed having in mind the entertainment-based profile of PRO CINEMA. The specific sections that can be found in any media website are present here also -movies, series, TV shows- allowing a pleasant and intuitive surfing of the site.

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