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This is our vision: the Internet as a superconductive environment for communication and collaboration. An environment that makes relationships flow smoothly between companies and clients, between citizens and public authorities or NGOs (non-governmental organizations). An environment that boosts the access to knowledge asymptotically and levels the inequalities between people. An environment that destroys informational monopolies and quickly brings to front the worthy companies. In a word, the Internet as an instrument that frees us from daily routine and allows us to be creative.

We think an internal document is the best choice to describe the values we believe in.

"These words I wrote aren't meant to have a prophetical or ideological quality, they're more like a concrete expression of the things we all want, I hope. And if I'm wrong and some of you want other things, I can rewrite them. Just let me know.

Because soon we'll be going out to celebrate three years of existence, I'll try to describe the things we all want, the idea of TreeWorks.

1. Efficiency

Efficiency is the opposite of hard labor, and at the same time a measure for value. I believe we can become four times more efficient in the near future.

The question is: how do we get there? How can we generate four times the value with the same amount of work, which then needs to be split between us equally? What do we need in order to reach a western level of efficiency?

2. Communication

We spend so many hours together every day, and quite probably, sometimes, we might think less of each other. While this is rare, in time these thoughts can pile up.

The question is how can we get rid of these feelings so that we become better friends? How can we keep on enjoying our pastimes together?

3. Vision

What can we do to be a hundred times more efficient/cool/rich etc.?

Because it is possible. Because we are, each in our own way, intrinsically valuable. Very valuable, in fact.

My dear friends, today I feel as if I'm on the Argonauts' ship. Each of us is different, with unique qualities and flaws. But fundamentally, each is a true hero sharing a common goal.

I thank you for the opportunity of sailing with you. Both the destination and the everyday journey seem fabulous to me."

(Catalin Tenita - December 2004)