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A beautiful woman can be forgiven for many things.

Even if this saying can be considered misogynistic, we should admit that most of the times it has some truth in it. We can turn a blind eye to some of the errors of a website, if it has an unique and interesting design.

Until they're proven wrong, visitors will believe that there's a professional firm with significant resources behind an equally professional looking website. They will believe that this firm can offer quality services and products.

A mediocre design diminishes a company's trustworthiness, the same way a badly dressed man is dismissed by society. Of course, good looks aren't everything. There are many beautiful women that lose their magic as soon as the first words come out of their mouths. Likewise, there are eye-catching websites that are impossible to navigate and use.

We believe that the design is first and foremost the art of organizing the information shared with the recipient. It's the art of structuring the content depending on the preferences and characteristics of the target group, so that it communicates not only at a rational level, but also at an emotional and subconscious level.

Maybe it would be ideal if our designers were telepaths. But until that time, we'll hang on to our own, who certainly have empathic traits. They can see your website through the eyes of your target audience.