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E-Logistics Application - Intrepid Business Solutions

Project description

General presentation:
Intrepid Business Solutions LLC
is an American company of online commerce who owns four virtual stores with thousands of products each. These stores were created using the e-commerce platform from Yahoo Small Business.

Intrepid contacted us because they needed us to develop a logistical middleware application. This application was meant to interface with the existent in-house systems or with the systems bought from third-party solutions suppliers, as well as with the APIs and the partners systems.

Essentially, the logistical application made by TreeWorks has the following functions:

  • importing and processing client orders from the Yahoo e-commerce system to the 4intrepid system (XML real time feeds)

  • separating products by suppliers (direct shipping wholesale suppliers and shipping orders from the Intrepid warehouse)

  • automated batch-ordering for direct-shipping products, depending on the providers' systems (using HTTP, SOAP, automated e-mails, generating Excel files with predefined formats and Pdf files with fax-sending)

  • invoice number returning from the wholesale providers systems (HTTP parsing, retrieval and e-mail parsing, SOAP query)

  • tracking numbers query and retrieval from the carriers systems (UPS, USPS, Fedex, Canada Mail, Endicia), tracking status and shipping route (XML feeds, e-mail parsing)

  • generating shipping numbers and payments for orders from the Intreprid warehouse, for carrier services (interface with the Worldship application belonging to USPS through ODBC)

  • shipping info updating (delivery numbers and status) into the Yahoo system (automated XML-formatted emails)

  • giving clients the possibility to monitor their order (shipping status, location of the product and estimated delivery time) using a complex search engine with a front-end on each site and common database

  • payment management through checks and Paypal

  • complex management for orders

  • generating statistics using various criteria

The application is especially complex. TreeWorks created it in several phases, giving special attention to scalability, security and continuous uptime.You can see a larger diagram of the system by clicking here.

The back-end of the application was updated in the autumn of 2005. This update allowed for the addition of many more stores and suppliers.