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Yahoo Stores - Froogle Importer

Project description

General presentation:
One of the regular clients of TreeWorks and the owner of several big e-commerce websites based on the Yahoo Stores platform, decided he needs to increase his websites' visibility, by promoting their products in Froogle, the dedicated e-commerce search engine owned by Google Inc.

Given the number of products (several thousands) and the variation of their prices, the solution needed to be fully automated.

TreeWorks created a set of scripts that automatically retrieve the products inventory from Yahoo Stores in XML format, parse the contents and make the necessary changes in the products' data, in order to increase the relevancy for the search engines results, then the CSV file is generated (in a mandatory Froogle format) and uploaded automatically on the FTP account allocated to the e-commerce owner by Google.

Our solution allows work with multiple e-commerce stores based on the YahooStores platform and multiple FTP accounts allocated by Froogle.