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Project description

General presentation:
is a project developed by TreeWorks for the Romanian constructions market. It is a portal for construction companies and persons/companies from other fields who wish to contract a construction firm. The graphic interface enables the users to get in touch with more than one service supplier using a single email, to download electronic catalogues of various products, companies and services, to create presentation web pages for free and much more.

TreeWorks wanted to develop a highly-functional, competitive website that would offer all the features necessary for communications between construction companies.

Solutions: is the most complex online solution for the Romanian construction market. It offers an extended set of features through an user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) :

  • The suppliers registration module allows them to upload MS Word, Pdf and Excel files, describing products, services and offers;

  • Companies can register services and products (RFQ / RFO) and send them to all the potential suppliers;

  • Buyers can create customized contact lists and download their online catalogues;

  • Online B2B auctions;

  • Personal web pages;

  • Optimized search engines according to the EU and USA usability standards;

  • Dynamic information management system (legislation, press releases, news, business opportunities);

  • E-mail alert system;

  • Newsletters system.

The portal was updated in the autumn of 2005, both design-wise and usability-wise, in order to help the members use the system as efficiently as possible.