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When used at its full potential, the Internet is a very efficient communication channel for the Show Business industry.

Show Business products belong to a category of goods called experience goods, products whose value and price are difficult to ascertain in advance, but can be determined upon "consumption". Therefore, the producers need to find ways to attract potential clients that would overcome this difficulty. One way is by creating a favorable experience through the Internet.

To be successful, a Show Business project needs to have a perfect balance between the quality of information it contains and the empathic experience transmitted to the consumer. Also, a consistency must be achieved between the online promotion, the offline promotion and the entertainment product itself.

We don't brag when we say that we have gained a significant experience in this field, especially regarding the marketing methods for Broadway shows.

TreeWorks created more than 20 projects for the show-business industry: presentational websites for stars and shows, portals, corporative websites and online marketing centers. Due to contract conditions, you can see these projects' list only on demand.

Therefore we know what it takes to convince people to enter the theater.

And we also know how to get them into nightclubs (DC-Groove), or how to make them buy a DVD (Strut and RittenHouse).