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Project description

General presentation:
The owner of, a website created by TreeWorks, decided to change the site's layout, in order to keep pace with the new tendencies in music.

They wanted a vibrant online presence to emphasize the south-american atmosphere of most of the parties they organized. Also, they wanted a Flash interface with easy editable content and an audio-streaming module that would allow for changing the songs, without changing the Flash source.

The new website is characterized by fresh, lively visuals which take the visitors inside the DCGroove's clubs and parties. Visitors can make reservations for future parties, print participation tickets and subscribe to the newsletter.

The text content can be modified using the Content Management Module (synchronized with the Flash interface through XML files). We gave special attention to the back-end section of the Email Marketing application. Considering its importance within the website, we created a strong application that allows for easy handling of the large DCGroove database, integrating various features (the opening rate, the click rate, the bounce rate) as well as bounce management features.