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Project description

General presentation:
Every New Year's Eve, Philadelphia - the City of brotherly love - becomes the world's capital of surrealism. Electricians, longshoremen, plumbers, policemen, and other working class wizards transform themselves for 14 hours, into story characters that remind us of "Commedia del Arte".

Max L. Raab Productions, the company of one of the producers of the well-known "A Clockwork Orange", has created a documentary about the most famous mummers parade and this movie has achieved great success and many awards.

Objectives:'s purpose if to promote the famous mummers parade from Philadelphia.

Solution: is both an informative and e-commerce website (the movie DVD and merchandising items). It contains a general presentation of the movie, online video clips, online DVD and soundtrack CD orders, online post-cards, photo gallery, free banners and a newsletter system.

The administrative interface allows a flexible website management; adding up new materials and sections, and monitoring the traffic. It's easy to use for anyone, regardless of training.