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Project description

General presentation:
Rittenhouse Square
is a documentary about a small Philadelphia park, considered by the urban planning guru Jane Jacobs as a model of everything a city park in the should be. TreeWorks has created a presentation website designed to inform and attract potential buyers of the DVD version.

TreeWorks was asked to create a website that would reflect the commmunity spirit of the documentary, an unique website that would support and enhance its value, all the while keeping with the typical structure of other similar media websites.

TreeWorks created an easy-to-use website, which resonates with the spirit of the documentary. Macromedia Flash was used to confer a dynamic and modern air. The design conveys a restful atmosphere, its color palette being dominated by greens and grays. The sections are typical for other media websites: informative sections (cast and crew bios, latest news and press cuttings), a media center (trailers, pictures, wallpapers) and an online stop section.