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Project description

General presentation:
DC Groove is the organizer of famous Brazilian and South-American parties, one of the chief attractions of Washington's nightlife. The 2006 version of the website was a new challenge for TreeWorks, especially because we had also created the previous versions.

Due to the dynamic nature of the entertainment industry - an industry heavily influenced by fashions and trends, the client wanted a new image for the website. It had to be a modern image that would contribute to the company's high standing among other top party organizers.

Also, the site needed to maintain its high usability standards, which allowed visitors to find the information they needed fast.

TreeWorks created a modern and lively website, which reflects the warm and party-loving spirit of South America. The design is based on two strong, powerful colors, the green and the yellow of the Brazilian national flag. It has elegant lines, inspired by a human body caught in the hot, Latino dance motions, and an avant-garde concept.

The website's sections are characteristic: a presentational section for the company and its owners, the party venues, the events and parties' calendar, photo galleries, an online reservation module, and, of course, contact information. The visitors that want to be kept informed with the DC Groove events can subscribe to a newsletter.

The website has an audio-streaming module whose songs can be changed by the administrator without interacting with the Flash source. Actually, the entire website content can be easily changed through the CMS administrative interface (Content Management System).