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Project description

General presentation:
The client is a Japanese company that provides consultancy, services and organized information related to foreign currency transactions (FOREX).

The company wanted an efficient search engine for firms operating on this market, which would rank results according to relevancy. The system had to allow for easy changes of the relevancy parameters, as well as adding new search parameters. Also, the system needed to allow exporting results to other website, using web-services.

Other important aspects of the project were the reports (access ways, searches, pathways through the website - organized according to the calendar), and the development of a system for easily adding content (articles, links, reports).

TreeWorks has created a complex algorithm for the search engine, which allow ordering results depending on the number of criteria (in the advanced search version-more than 20, with different options) fulfilled by a company. The algorithm also permits adding new search criteria, as well as changing their importance in establishing relevancy. The system also searches other websites and transmits the data through web services (SOAP).

While creating the identity, the user interface, and the administrative module, we aimed to improve usability and clarity in the way the information is structured. For the content management section (adding links, sections, articles, editing content, traffic statistics), we used a system developed by TreeWorks, optimizing and modifying it to fit the client's needs. The system is optimized for search engines through a structure containing quasi-static links.