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Project description

General presentation:
The partnership between FXOnline, the Asian leader of the FOREX market, and TreeWorks began in 2003, with the development of the FOREX Mobile Quotes application and a mini-application that displays foreign currency quotes. The result of the latest stage of our partnership is a system that offers both general information about the market and its conditions, as well as information about the clients' transaction account status. The website is bilingual (the first page is in both English and Japanese, the users account page is only in Japanese), in accordance to the market's needs.

FXOnlineJapan wanted a competitive FOREX application, a solution that would answer its users' needs. The system had to provide the clients with unlimited real time access to online markets through the Internet or the phone, and, at the same time, it had to be a trading platform that could offers specialized tools for transaction charts and quotations, hedging and vocal quotations.

The system is based on a complex online CRM application that makes solving the clients' problems an easy and fast process. It also offers information and reports concerning the company' management, sends newsletters, and keeps in constant contact with current and potential clients. At the same time, the system gathers financial data from various similar systems, formats it, then processes it using an automatic generator of financial analysis.

The system is interfaced with another transmission interface, provided by different company, as well as with the system FXOnline is working with, which allows for the execution of deposits and withdrawals in real time

The system aggregates news flows from large press agencies (e.g. Reuters) and sends it on mobile phones.