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McNair Extranet Application For Legislative Monitoring

Project description

General presentation:
Law Firm is a reputed law firm from South Carolina, founded by former Governor Robert E. McNair, who served in office between 1965 and 1971.


For their law politics and lobby division, the firm wanted an extranet application which would provide real time informations for its corporate clients (daily tracking of specific bills depending on the client, informations regarding changes in the structure and components of the chambers and law committees, information about the activities of senators and representatives) and collect and organize the clients' points of view concerning bills.


The application offers a high level of security, which protects the confidentiality of the clients' opinions about important bills, as well as the features necessary to operate the system for the clients and the administrators.

  • Automatic retrieval of bills, activities related to them and informations about the representatives;

  • Organizing bills in categories and profiles, each client receiving only the projects of interest;

  • Numerous possibilities of organizing and reporting the clients' "reactions" depending on the bills, categories and profiles;

  • Automatic email alerts for clients;

  • Generating PDF or printable versions for all the information on the site (bills, representatives' bios, reports);

  • Advanced search capabilities.

We have given special attention to the user interface, in order to maximize clarity and decrease the number of mouse clicks necessary for day-to-day operations.