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FOREX Mobile Quotes

Project description

General presentation:
The client, an active Japanese FOREX company, wanted a mobile phone application that would allow the firm's clients to get foreign currency quotes in real time.

TreeWorks's system had to take the quotes from the data provider through the SOAP protocol. It would then transform and calculate the data using the margin errors specific to each company, then it would display the results on the clients' phones.

The application was designed to be compatible with the three main mobile phone companies on the Japanese market (iMode- DoCoMo, CDMA-EasyWeb, GSM/WAP- Vodaphone), even if between their standards (display mode related) there are a series of differences. This compatibility issue once solved insured the success of our project.

Unlike the competitors' applications, which use three different links for the three mobile phone systems, TreeWorks's application detects the system used by the client's terminal and displays the content accordingly. This makes the promotion of the service much easier among the clients.

The application's interface is bilingual (Japanese/English).