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Project description

General presentation:
The portal contains various types of data: analysis, predictions, financial reports, real time quotes, databases with brokers, tutorials, site directories, lists of books, FAQs.

The client needed a portal specialized in FOREX information, with the goal to become one of the most important destinations in the field. Due to the large volume of information as well as the need for frequent content updating (sometimes hourly in the case of certain sections such as reports and predictions), it needed a solid solution which could be administered online without any knowledge of programming.

TreeWorks' solution had to take into account the various types of materials and the different forms of presentation for each, as well as the need for 100% uptime.

Based on the standard framework created by TreeWorks for content management, we designed specific modules (FAQ, rich text for articles, products list, link directory, reports, glossary, tutorials) which allow for the creation of webpages on an unlimited number of levels with total maneuverability (moving in other categories, moving up/down within the menu, activation/deactivation automatically). We also optimized the website for search engines, through the structure of the site and the creation of optimized links.

Another interesting characteristic of the project was the development of the administrative module, with several levels of users who had the possibility to make alterations only in certain sections of the website.

Beginning with the concept stage and continuing even after the website's launch, TreeWorks collaborated with the client during all the stages, developing a product meant to fulfill all the needs of the final users.