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The Internet represents a new dimension for corporate and financial services.

Classical economics defines the services market by the fact that the place of the execution of a service can be considered the same as the place of consumption, which leads to a powerful localization of this market. Essentially, in a traditional economy, a bank is more successful the more territory branches it has.

This is no longer true in today's economy. A supplier of complex services grows more powerful as it manages to satisfy its clients, by offering them added value online, by providing them with information about the status of their accounts continuously, and by giving them ways to interact. On one hand, offering online services reduces personnel costs, and on the other hand, it increases the clients' satisfaction because they can use the services anywhere and at any time.

TreeWorks created online presentations and applications for law services ( and the McNair Extranet Application for Legislative Monitoring), and for health companies (Praxis Health Management and MediWel).

We also have a good deal of experience with online financial services, both for presentations and portfolio management (, as well as for informative services (the FOREX search engine and Furthermore, our projects can be accessed on mobile phones (WAP), so the clients can access real time information (FOREX Mobile Quotes).