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Web services distributed through the ASP (application service provider) paradigm represent one of the most advanced aspects of the Internet. This type of application offers very complex online services, that can be targeted to a large market (for example email users, young people, small and medium enterprises regardless of their field) or to a niche target audience (real estate agencies, travel agencies, lawyers, accountants etc.).

The first example of an ASP service that comes to mind is the webmail. Even if emails can be accessed through specialized software (ex: Outlook, Firebird, etc.), the vast majority of users prefer to use web-based services (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). The advantages of this type of service are the ability to access it from any computer, the fact that it doesn't need special software or maintenance.

These advantages are the same for any kind of ASP service. For the paid professional services, another great advantage is the distribution of the development costs between all the users of the system. Also, the advantage of being able to distribute updates and new versions of the systems fast, without having to contact each user and ask him to install updates and patches, is extremely important for the administrator, resulting, among other things, in a better reaction time.

Last but not least, the ASP model offers financial benefits for both sides, by making the user's costs more effective, and reducing the support costs for the administrator of the system.

TreeWorks has created the integrated system NetReal - a system for American and Canadian real estate agents that they can use to develop and host their personal websites at a low costs, create online presentations, send newsletters to their prospects database, get local reports for home buyers, and manage autoresponders and promotional campaigns through email.

TreeWorks also developed a system of lobbying/law information for the clients of a reputed law firm, as well as a system for creating websites and intranet applications for emergency services (police, ambulance, firemen etc.).

For more details, please see the whitepaper: ASP (Application Service Provider) Solutions. Case study: ASP Case Study - NetReal.