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Project description

General presentation:
Yet another NetReal product, NetReal Expo is an online tool for real estate agents, which creates and deploys remote-controlled visual presentations. Unlike other applications out there, NetReal Expo was built with both its clients, and their prospects in mind. As a result, the members can create a professional presentation in less then 15 minutes, and then invite their prospects to view it via the internet, while they control its flow from their end.

Minimizing the effort
of creating a professional presentation was one of TreeWork's primary objectives. Assuring that the prospects will be impressed was another. The system needed to be easy to use for every member, regardless of his or her computer experience, with total control over the content.

NetRealExpo's design, while consistent with the NetReal line, veers from its usual simplicity into a riot of colors. This matches the orientation of the website, and it's meant to support and emphasize the importance of the visual element of the presentations. The process of creating a presentation is divided into logical steps, permanently assisted by guides and tips.

Our designers have created a large collection of high quality templates, with various themes. Whatever the presentation is about, members will surely find (at least) one that perfectly suits their needs. Advanced users can also customize their templates, by selecting different color schemes, navigation bars and header images

Members can create a .pdf version of their presentation with the push of a button, enabling their prospects to view the contents offline or print them for easier reading or for reference. Presentations can be included into personal websites. This makes for easy dissemination of the information and enriches the use of a presentation from an one hour deal to a permanent fixture, a resource that can always be found by prospects. The monitoring tools allow the members to check who and when has seen their presentation, which presentation has the most views and much more.