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Project description

General presentation:
A NetReal product, is a newsletter marketing system created especially for the American and Canadian Real Estate market. It offers both the technical platform and the content of the newsletters. comes with two types of newsletters: the weekly Farming newsletter (with information on topics of general interest: Family, Food and Drink, Gardening, Health, Home, Leisure, Pets, Tips) and the monthly Prospecting newsletter (with specialized real estate information about Home, Seller Tips, Buyer Tips, Moving/ Relocating, Mortgages Info, Real-Estate Investments). Aside from the quality articles created or picked up by the editorial team, the newsletters also contain local information about movies, books, weather forecast and mortgage rates.

TreeWorks wanted to develop a system which would be easy to use for all the members, regardless of their knowledge of computers.

The system should allow users to change the look-and-feel of the newsletters using templates, without modifying the content. The NetRealinTouch members would have control over the newsletter content, by being able to choose the articles from the offered selection.

TreeWorks created a website with an intuitive interface, very easy to use by members lacking knowledge in operating computers. The system of mailing list management is flexible and accessible, allowing for the creation of an unlimited number of specialized lists. Each of these lists receives personalized newsletters thus publishing targeted marketing campaigns.

The members can also send individual emails, making for a better communication between real estate agents and their clients. The design team has created a series of professional templates that can be used to change the appearance of the newsletters.

The recipients' reaction to the newsletters can be monitored closely through a complex statistics module, which contains general data about the whole campaigns, and personalized data about each client. Beside the basic campaign operations, the NetRealinTouch system also offers additional features such as the ability to insert the newsletters and subscription forms into personal websites.