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Project description

General presentation:
NetRealCampaigns is a complete system for sending drip mail campaigns created by TreeWorks especially for the American and Canadian real estate market. It offers both high-quality content and an easy-to-use technical platform.

A drip mail campaign consists of sending a series of highly-targeted, personalized emails to specific contacts for follow-up. These messages have a pre-established frequency (every few days, or weeks) and a period of time to cover (from a few weeks to years). Though the campaigns are usually managed automatically by specialized software, the content needs to appear as if it were written especially for the individual recipient.

TreeWorks wanted to develop an easy-to-use system, a basic characteristic of all the NetReal products. The system needed to allow for easy management of large contact lists, as well as complete control over the assignation and the content of the campaigns.

The NetRealCampaigns interface is very accessible to every user, including those with little or no computer knowledge. The mailing lists can be easily managed. The users can add contact emails both manually, and automatically by importing address books from Outlook and Outlook Express.

The campaigns can be assigned to entire mailing lists, as well as to individual prospects, therefore answering their every informational need. The users have complete control over the content of the campaigns. They can easily edit or erase the existing messages, and also create new campaigns from scratch.

The designer team has created a series of professional templates, which can be used to change the appearance of the messages, without modifying the content. The system also comes with a complex statistics module which allows users to monitor the success of their campaigns.