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Among other factors, the human playful spirit is "guilty" for the world's fast conquest by computers and the Internet. In other words, they've woken the child inside our souls. And the magic is undeniable for interactive multimedia products. Maybe this also explains the fact that the gaming industry is about to surpass the film industry in profits.

And if games will replace movies, books, and especially text books, will be replaced by edutainment products (products which combine education with entertainment). By proposing the paradigm of learning as a game, they conquer both children and adults with their "magic".

The educational products, completely different from the old textbooks with their black and white pictures, are created by combining film, text, images, animations, interactive quizzes, audio materials etc. These types of multimedia products can also be used as presentational CDs for prestigious companies.

TreeWorks has developed several successful multimedia products: The I.L. Caragiale Virtual Encyclopedia, The Constantin Brancusi Virtual Encyclopedia, The Romanian Broadcasting Society - 1928-1944 Archive, The Nichita Stanescu Virtual Encyclopedia, The National Film Archive - Multimedia Presentation, I.L.Caragiale - Screenplays Collection, Two Volumes. The I.L. Caragiale Virtual Encyclopedia and the Nichita Stanescu Virtual Encyclopedia have received the IT&C award for the best cultural product of 2002.