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The Nichita Stanescu Virtual Encyclopedia

Project description

General presentation:
This project was created in close collaboration with the Noesis Cultural Society and the Romanian Literature Museum, representing the first multimedia product dedicated to one of the greatest contemporary artists.

The clients wanted a modern and elegant multimedia product that would flatter the words of the great poet, through its content as well as through the graphical interface.

The CD contains:

  • Nichita Stanescu's work (26 volumes of poetry and prose - including 3 volumes with more than 200 unpublished poems from the archives of the Museum of Romanian Literature).

  • Audio recordings with Nichita Stanescu (8 recordings from the archive of Romanian Broadcasting Society, including the last audio recording with the poet playing the piano and reciting the poem "Cum" ("How") - an emotional poetic testament).

  • A video recording with Nichita Stanescu.

  • Video recordings with Nicolae Breban, Alexandru Condeescu and Nicolae Manolescu talking about the life and work of Nichita Stanescu.

  • More than 250 photos.

  • More than 50 manuscripts.

  • More than 20 sketches and drawings.

  • Critical studies.

TreeWorks processed all the documents in digital format, and created the integrated graphic and multimedia interface as well as the auxiliary materials (CD covers, posters, flyer and booklet concept).

This encyclopedia was added to the Ministry of Education and Culture curriculum for high school Romanian literature classes and became an auxiliary material in the AEL study program (the e-learning national platform), being distributed in all the Romanian colleges.