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I.L. Caragiale Virtual Encyclopedia

Project description

General presentation:
This project was developed in collaboration with the Noesis Cultural Society. The I.L.Caragiale Virtual Encyclopedia had the support of some of the most prestigious Romanian institutions: the Romanian Academy, the Ministry of Culture and Cults, UNESCO, the Romanian Literature Museum, the National Film Archive, the Romanian Broadcasting Society and the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre.

In addition, Microsoft Romania and HVB Bank gave their vote of confidence for this multimedia project and the IT&C Romanian Awards' jury awarded TreeWorks the Romanian IT Prize for the best intercultural multimedia products - the Constantin Brancusi Virtual Encyclopedia and I.L. Caragiale Virtual Encyclopedia (a tie between two products developed by us) - in 2002.

The clients wanted a high-quality, complex multimedia product that could serve as a resource for literature fans as well as a learning material.

The I.L. Caragiale Virtual Encyclopedia contains audio and video files (audio fragments from the great writer's work, film sequences, interviews with personalities), a rich collection of illustrations (sketches, old theater posters, I.L. Caragiale's photos, and photos with famous actors in his plays), as well as his entire work (plays, prose, articles, critical articles and letters). This multimedia CD contains a large selection of the most important critics of Caragiale's work, from Titu Maiorescu to Eugen Simion, the President of the Romanian Academy.

TreeWorks processed all the documents in digital format, and created the graphic and multimedia interface as well as the auxiliary materials (CD covers, posters, flyer and booklet concept).

This encyclopedia was added to the Ministry of Education and Culture curriculum for high school Romanian literature classes and became an auxiliary material in the AEL study program (the e-learning national platform), being distributed in all Romanian colleges.

This project was completed in the spring of 2002, and 2 years after its launch, it reached its third edition. As part of the project, TreeWorks created the website - the author's website.