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Ana and Danut In The Fairyland

Project description

General presentation:
“Ana and Danut In The Fairyland” is a multimedia CD for preschool children. It contains 12 educational games which familiarize them with how PC, alphabet and figures work and stimulate their attention, memory and creativity.

TreeWorks wanted to create a multimedia product for children, with an intuitive interface especially designed for the little ones.

Treeworks created a multimedia CD where the movement, the color and the sound are blended. It contains a story and 12 games which goal is to develop visual memory, focus attention, stabilize will, improve observance and so on, the learning process being disguised in a nice play.

The CD is easy to use by children, because it's auto run. In the same time it has an intuitive interface especially created so that the little ones can choose the options using only the mouse.

Every game has an educational role (the little fishes teach them to count, the bandmaster shows them the musical notes, the balloons and the dragon show them the alphabet) or an observance and attention improvement purpose (children have to discover the true butterflies' identity, find the hidden sheep and so on).