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ProTv International

Project description


ProTv International, is the most important television channel within the  MediaPro concern who allows the Romanians abroad to stay in touch with the Romanian realities, creating thus a global community.
In order to minimize the distance, ProTv International wanted to maintain a stronger position on the Internet. Its aim was to create a vibrant Romanian community, by informing Romanians abroad  about the latest news and events in Romania.


The new concept of the ProTv International website was position to accentuate the community role and to crystallize  the specific characteristics of Romanians abroad through an easier and more efficiently communication.
Because  is one of the most important television stations, for its target public, a “soul television” for those who line outside Romania, ProTv International wanted to promote the Online Tv version. This version can be viewed by the Romanian abroad by making a monthly subscription. The station wanted a simpler, easier to navigate interface for his visitors.


TreeWorks created an elegant website, based on its proprietary Content Management System, developed in house, who permit to easily activate the site content and who allows to publish news, photo galleries, videos, articles, events announcements.
Because the contact with its viewers is a characteristic of the ProTv brand, the website has a great variety of features for the interaction part: a message board, a newsletter, daily recommendations,comments. The website is also optimized for top ranking placement on search engines pages for relevant keywords.