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The Constantin Brancusi Virtual Encyclopedia

Project description

General presentation:
This project was created in collaboration with Noesis Cultural Society, under the UNESCO patronage, and represents the first multimedia product dedicated to the great sculptor. The encyclopedia's content was supervised by Mr. Barbu Brezianu, the world's best-known expert in Brancusi's work. In addition, Microsoft Romania and HVB Bank gave their vote of confidence for the project.

The Noesis Society wanted the encyclopedia to be an easy-to use, complex resource of information, with an attractive graphical interface.

The IT&C Romanian Awards' jury awarded TreeWorks the Romanian IT Prize for the best intercultural multimedia products - the Constantin Brancusi Virtual Encyclopedia and the I.L. Caragiale Virtual Encyclopedia (a tie between two products developed by us) - in 2002.

This CD contains:

  • More than 900 pictures (works of the great artist, documents, photos from his workshop, exposition photos, Brancusi's photos);

  • Books and studies on Brancusi, both in Romanian and in English, written by Barbu Brezianu, V.G. Paleolog, Mircea Eliade, Sidney Geist, Carola Geidion-Welcker, Petru Comarnescu, Sorana Georgescu-Gorjan, Ion Pogorilovschi, Friedrich Teja Bach;

  • A documentary (77 minutes), about the work of the man who revolutionized the modern sculpture, directed by Cornel Mihalache;

  • A short film with Brancusi (65 seconds).

The Constantin Brancusi Virtual Encyclopedia was released as a double CD, due to the great amount of materials. Its attractive Graphical User Interface was completely integrated with its content, being appreciated as an ingenious solution as well. TreeWorks processed all the documents in digital format, and created the integrated graphic and multimedia interface as well as the auxiliary materials (CD covers, posters, flyer and booklet concept).

This encyclopedia was added to the Ministry of Education and Culture curriculum for high school Romanian literature classes and became an auxiliary material in the AEL study program (the e-learning national platform), being distributed in all the Romanian colleges. This project was completed in the spring of 2002, and after 2 years, this encyclopedia reached its third edition.