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Application For Displaying Foreign Currency Quotes

Project description

General presentation:
The FXOnline Japan mini-application, which lists the foreign currency quotes, was created in Flash.

FXOnline Japan wanted for its website ( and its partner websites a mini-application that displays foreign currency quotes in real time.

TreeWorks used Flash technology for the front-end part,
because the development of the application as a Java applet would not
have been the best solution. Browsers with Java Virtual Machine are
fewer than those with the Macromedia Flash plugin, and a Java solution
would have consumed much more resources on the user's computer.

The application extracts and processes quotes from a SOAP feed
in real time. It saves the quotes (caching), querying the SOAP server
once every 10 seconds, so as to decrease the number of queries to the
server (due to the large number of website users).