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Project description

General presentation:

The website is organized in sections that are specific to any sports channel website. This way, the users can get the information they want from their chosen topic in a simple and quick manner. In order for the users to access the information easier, TreeWorks insisted on organizing it according to its field. Also, in order to increase the interractivty levels, has a game feature, Goleador. Here, the users can create an account and then compete one against the other. More over, the site also provides the users with a live streaming feature and a constantly updated section named “Livescores”, where the viewers can check out the latest detailed sports results, from the most important national and international championships. The information is organized here as well, and the users can pick to see only the results from the local championships, international cups etc.


Maintaining the number one position on the on-line sport channels market.


With a friendly and dinamic design and a very well organized interface, the website provides its users with fresh, constantly updated information, and interractive games, along with a communication platform.