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General presentation:

In order to stand up to the high standards imposed by the position and the importance of the media group it is part of, Prima TV wanted to re-build its website to better reflect the brand values of the station and to allow quicker update for the content.
The structure of the platform targets the specific structure of important media sites and contains the following:
On the first page there is a video player, the station's daily program, news about the station and interviews with Prima TV stars. On the first page there can also be found a download section, useful information and a survey.
The other pages included in the Prima TV website are dedicated to TV shows, stars, program, news, movies and TV serials, Megastar, games and competition. Also, the website offers chat options, forum and a newsletter.


First of all, Prima TV wanted a dynamic and youthful website through which to better interact with its target audience.


The website created by TreeWorks is structured in sections specific to an entertainment media website (shows, movies, stars, TV program, competitions, games) and allows inserting multimedia content and image galleries in the relevant pages.
Taking into account the fact that the tight bond with the target public is a brand specification, the website contains a large variety of user interaction means. Visitors can find details about Prima TV shows and their hosts at any given time, they can weekly receive via email the most significant news reports and other useful information, and by logging to the blog they can read and comment the opinions of their favorite TV stars. 
Using its own Content Management System platform, TreeWorks developed a complex website, with  easy to renew sections through an administrative interface that can be used without any specific knowledge in the IT field.