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A website is the main gate to the outside world for many firms and institutions. The first "window" potential clients or partners see. And since first impressions count...

An online presence must reflect the main assets of a company: its professionalism and its competences. An online presence is like an extended business card.

Depending on the specific activity of the company or the institution, the online presence must contain the essential information about it, the products and services it offers, complete with detailed descriptions, the most important achievements (portfolio, important clients, history), opinions about the firm, interactive features, news, documentation etc.

But no matter what the field of activity of the company is, the basic rule is the clarity and the coherence of the content. A website grows in value as it offers interested visitors as much information as possible.

Each online presence has its characteristics, depending on the company/institution's field of endeavor. This is precisely why the objectives of communication must be carefully analyzed, for attracting new clients, lowering support costs for existing clients and ensuring their loyalty, a better image, a better communication with the press and the society etc.

TreeWorks created online presences for companies and personalities from various areas: famous stars and shows, nightclubs (DC-Groove), NGO's and institutions (,,, telecommunication companies (, corporate and financial services companies (ForexCentral, and real estate ( As well as many others.