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Project description

General presentation: is the most important Romanian culinary website, constantly having a higher number of visits than its main competitors.
Recipes - This section contains over 16.000 recipes, divided into categories.
Articles - Here, the Gustos users can learn the newest culinary tips and can read the most interesting articles on food history. This section is updated weekly.
Virtual cook books - From here, the users can download for free three electronic cook books (.pdf), “Traditional romanian recipes”, “International cuisine recipes” and “Exotic recipes”.
Gustos Mixer - This feature allows the user to pick from a list of ingredients the ones he wants to use in his recipe. After this step, the program generates a set of recipes containing those ingredients.
Restaurants - The data base is one of the biggest on Romanian websites. With over 2.000 restaurants from 93 cities and over 4.000 comments, this section provides the users with complete information about each restaurant.
Tasty blogs (Bloguri gustoase) - Willing to help out the culinary blogging community, decided to monitor the most important culinary blogs. Thus, in the “Bloguri gustoase” (“Tasty blogs”) section, users can see a list of the most recent posts, can visit the blogs and can surf the archive. Also, in order to stimulate the community, gives a weekly award to “The Blog of the Week”.
Forum - This section is meant to create a place where the culinary community can debate any type of culinary topics and can also engage in off-topic chit-chat.
Newsletter - Registered users receive a weekly newsletter, containg three articles, recipes and restaurants recommendations.

Objectives: is a website with a friendly and simple interface which is designed especially to go with the culinary theme of the website and is also very easy to use and surf on by users. Also, wishes to remain the leader in the on-line culinary field.

Solution: is a culinary website which follows three paths: provides you with advice concerning your meals at home, eating out and on vacation. Thus, the website offers from recipes ideas to restaurants recommendations from your town or from the main tourist destinations in Romania. With a glossy design and high-end articles, provides the viewers with the newest culinary tips throughout the articles. Also, our website wants to help out the culinary on-line community by implementing a system that monitors the main culinary blogs, so that the users can follow the latest posts from the culinary blogosphere.