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Equinox Agency

Project description

General presentation:
is the presentation website for Equinox Agency, one of the most important real estate agencies in Ploiesti, Romania.

The client needed a new website that would reflect its image and its company values better than the old one. The website's platform had to be based on the template system of the real estate portal.

Based on the template system, TreeWorks created an unique visual identity for Equinox Agency.  Our team kept the full compatibility offered by Imobiliare.Ro to its partner agencies, therefore offering the client the best of two worlds. has a powerful visual identity characteristic for a custom-made website, combined with the established system of Imobiliare.Ro, a system which makes for a great promotion platform (especially due to the ImoAdmin interface).

The development of the Equinox website represents a successful example of integrating two internet-services companies (TreeWorks and RealMedia), thus offering the client a quality product. The development process was seamless, keeping its constant uptime and connection to Imobiliare.Ro.

Below, you can see a comparison between the old website and the new.