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Project description

General presentation: is the presentational website for psychotherapist Lena Rusti. It's an elegant website that contains, beside the typical biographical and services description sections, a wealth of informative resources for visitors.

The client wanted a modern website that would emphasize her values, easy to navigate and to maintain.

TreeWorks created a bilingual website (both in English and Romanian), with a modern design based on red and gray, an unusual and original choice for this type of website. Its sections contain Lena Rusti's biography, Mentarex's presentation, the services she offers (personal and corporate), and an exhaustive resource of information (articles, guides, dictionaries).

The website was build on our own CMS platform (Content Management System), that allows for easy updating in real time for the content. The administrator doesn't need any special knowledge of computers to manage it.

The content was optimized for search engines, to ensure that the website will obtain a top position in the searches for specific keywords.