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The Romanian Institute of Psychodrama Website

Project description

General presentation:
Psychodrama, a psychotherapy method exploring a person's issues through action was proposed in the beginning of the 1920's by Dr. Jacob Levi Moreno and it is now used in various fields where people learn, change themselves or interact with others: in training, in the educational, clinical, organizational or the artistic field.

The Romanian Institute of Psychodrama turned to TreeWorks to build a bilingual website (Romanian and English) that would include information about the Institute, training courses, and a bibliography. Our challenge was to create a Web presence that is interactive, properly branded and informative, that would enable the future growth of the site.

Our content management system allows the administrator to easily update the content of the site without having a special qualification in this field. The site also contains a psychodrama dictionary and a photo gallery.

By using a user-friendly interface and a distinct and discreet combination of colors and design elements our team developed a successful online presence and a corporate identity for the Romanian Institute of Psychodrama.