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Even if you run a more "down-to-earth" business and you're not thinking about offering complex online services to your clients, the Internet can be used for more than simply publishing brochures.

If we analyze the activities of pre-sale information and post-sale support, we can see that they have many repetitive aspects. But these aspects make the process very costly. More so, the quality of the support is influenced by delays, partial responses and communication difficulties.

But if for a person repetitiveness is a burden, for automatic systems it's an ideal situation. Therefore, online application can be used as a solution for some of the clients'  information and support problems.

These are some of the types of solutions we developed: estimative calculators, foreign currency quotes (, knowledge bases (, intranet applications for the collaboration between employees and as well as for support, extranet applications for the communication between partners, beneficiaries and the sales personnel.