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ProTv newsletter application

Project description

General presentation:
Realizing the newsletter's importance as a communication tool, ProTv wanted to implement a newsletter module that offers the opportunity to manage subscribers' list, to create and send newsletters and gives access only to the protv content team.

Inside the portal, TreeWorks integrated a complex newsletter application which enables managing the lists of the clients to whom periodical newsletters can be sent.

ProTv needed a friendly interface application which allows the creation of a quality newsletter, the automatically sending and the monitoring of the campaign.

TreeWorks built up an application that contains six essential sections: newsletter,  newsletter subscribers, weekly newsletter, news newsletter (daily and automatic), manual daily newsletter, newsletter statistics.

The application allows you to create the newsletter without computer expertise (the content is easy to modify by using the administrative interface),  to make e-mail lists (next to every subscriber the newsletter options he had chosen are ticked) and to maintain the active members informations.

The tree types of newsletter sent are: the weekly newsletter (which contains the selection of the most important news of the week), news newsletter (it is sent every day at 21 o'clock and contains the last five news from every section) and the daily newsletter.

Regarding newsletter users, the system allows them to subscribe to newsletters on content categories with the possibility of  further modification of the selection and personal data (name and email address). Also, the system contains an unsubscripted module whereby the users can individually unsubscribe if they they didn't want to receive the respective newsletters.

One of the main e-mail marketing benefit is the campaign testing easiness.  The “Newsletter statistics” section enables monitoring the opened newsletters, the red articles and the activity of users which have subscribed already. For a better data visualization, these statistics are also displayed as diagrams.