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Project description

General presentation:
Founded 8 years ago, Acasa TV is a member of the Media Pro trust, together with ProTv, Pro Cinema, ProTV International and TV Sport and also the first Romanian television exclusive for women. Although it has just cable emission, Acasa TV is on the third place on Romanian television market, many times being leader on certain time segments from prime time.

Acasa TV wanted a web solution that illustrates theĀ station's brand values and allows easily content updating.

The client wanted, first of all, a website with a friendly interface in order to communicate easier and more efficiently with its viewers.

TreeWorks realized a website organized in sections characteristic forĀ  big media websites (stars, shows, series, movies, TV schedule, forum) with an easy to update content.

Because it is the website of one niche tv station exclusively for women, is more centered on entertainement and promotes the station's essential shows and movies. There are presented Romanian and foreign soap operas that are on tv, and visitors could read the latest news about the actors in their favourite serial.

The website also include video presentations of the station's shows and movies and offers the visitors the oportunity to download posters with the stars in their favorite serials and movies and in their sound column.

Using its Content Management System platform, TreeWorks created a complex website, whose sections are easy to update through an administrative interface which can be operated without computer expertise.