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Project description

General presentation:
Always looking out for their viewers' needs, wishing to offer incentive information in an easy format, PRO TV desired not only to refresh its image in the virtual environment, but also to create a media channel. TreeWorks created a new portal that represents an absolute detachment from the traditional online format used by other Romanian tv channels.

 PRO TV wanted  a complex web solution: accessible for all users, easily managed in order to keep up with each new trend and one that would answer viewers’ needs in a fast and efficient manner.

Starting from the ProTv purpose and the target, our team developed a web content management solution which allows the client not only to take control over the web content, but also to reach its objectives at the same time by collecting, efficiently managing, and creating information available for the mass audience.

TreeWorks realized a complex CMS that allows an effective managing of the articles, pictures, video and audio resources, as well as the inter-relation and cross promoting with other Internet channels of the Media Pro trust.

The system is doubled by the users' opportunity to participate with content (users' generated content) through the blogs made available by the new format.

The website can be administrated very easily through a web interface which allows real-time content updating.

For more details you can read the case study.