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Until the Internet was invented, the real estate and tourism field was a field where the agencies had a dominant position as intermediary. They were the only ones that had access to information (properties databases, reservations for hotel rooms and airplane tickets).

As the Internet became a very popular and accessible resource, real estate and travel agencies have lost a significant amount of their power of negotiation, as interested clients were now able to find online the information they needed, fast and easy.

To solve to this problem, the companies have to offer added-value services, services which cannot be easily replicated by an automated system. These services are based on the reputability a company needs to build, reputability which is founded on professionalism, trust and a perfect image.

TreeWorks developed these types of systems for the real estate industry. Our main product is the NetReal conglomerate ( - the website generator platform for real estate agents, - the online-newsletter marketing system, NetRealCampaigns - the drip-mail marketing system, NetRealExpo - the online presentation system and Local-Reports - the informative reports resource for real estate agents and their clients).

For the travel market, TreeWorks has created, a complex portal which offers more than 5000 vacation homes and apartments in every corner of the world.