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Project description


CENTRAS (The Assistance Center for the Nongovernmental Organizations) is one of the most important nonprofit organizations that offers technical assistance and consultancy for NGOs important fields as organizational development, planning and project management, public relation,communication and voluntary management. The CENTRAS clients are local and central nongovernmental organizations, local branches or central institutions of the public administration, private persons, etc.
Also, CENTRAS takes care of the planning and organization of some high profile national and international events, offering help with the thematic, logistical and brand identity aspects; some of their events gather more than 100 participants.


Acknowledging that the Internet is the most important medium that facilitate the communication with the general public, media and potential financers, CENTRAS wanted to establish a strong online presence.
On the other hand, CENTRAS staff accepted that building a consistent image on the Internet by showcasing the activities and projects they are involved in is an important part of the institutional transparency process and also can increase the degree of accountability concerning the funds they receive as financing or donations.


TreeWorks created an easy-to-maintain website with a friendly interface for the CENTRAS members.
The web-site design is user-friendly and allows the visitors to scan rapidly its content. The users can look through an web directory that allows the visual access on the main sections of the website and gives the people with disabilities the possibility to easy access the desired information.
The solution was developed using the Content Management Sistem framework based on PHP, MYSQL, Java Script, HTML,AJAX.