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The National Central Office For Special Affairs Website

Project description

General presentation:
The National Central Office for Special Affairs (OCSPS)
is a department within the Romanian Government whose job is to ensure people's safety in emergency cases.

OCSPS approached TreeWorks to build an online presence, intended for communicating its specific activities to the mass media and the public, and at the same time, communicating with the regional offices. The primary objective behind the project was to build a web-based system offering the citizens an easy way to get in touch with the National Central Office for Special Affairs.

The website contains details about the purpose of this organization, its duties to the public, history, NATO and UE rules, its administrative structure, laws, and details about OCSPS's projects.

The easy-to-use content management system allows the administrators to update the site content by posting new articles, documents and photos, and adding new pages, even if they have no qualification in Internet programming. Another purpose of the site was high usability, so that information would be available for every citizen, regardless of his or her level of education.

All graphical elements were designed in accordance with Communication and Information Technology Ministry's general guidelines regarding governmental websites design and usability.