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The Internet is both Babel and the library of Alexandria. Maybe even the library of Babel (English text).

The essential thing is how to separate the relevant information from a pile of data without significance. How can we build a way through a virtual library so that it appears natural, like a children’s game? How can we use the power of the computers to determine what are the most probable information someone might search for?

Here, at TreeWorks, we made these types of systems our specialty. Information clustering, collaborative filtering or information retrieval are usual subjects for us. We have created a framework that allows the administrators to update a website in real time, using an online interface with various levels of access.

We know how to process large volumes of information so that a search returns relevant data. We also know how to create applications that have their content optimized for search engines. We know how to structure the information (information architecture) so that the users find what they are looking for very fast.

Our achievements in the field include these websites: ProTV,, CheetahFind and

For more details, please see the whitepaper: Content Management Systems. Case study: CMS Case Study -