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Cheetah Find

Project description

General presentation:
CheetahFind is a web portal and a free resource provider of templates, clipart, photos, news and more. The purpose of this website is to offer an one-stop center access to free information, a basic trait of the internet. The visitors can add their website to the web directory, through an easy-to-use interface.

CheetahFind had to be a competitive website, distinguished from the multitude of similar websites through its high usability and attractive design.

TreeWorks created an easy to maintain website with a friendly interface. The website's design is user-friendly and allows the visitors to scan its content rapidly. The visitors can look through a web directory organized in ten basic sections, using an integrated search engine which offers fast and easy access to the desired information. The website contains a series of useful applications and resources, such as a search engine for personal websites, hit counters for monitoring the number of visitors, free templates and photos and many more.