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Project description

General presentation:
is a Romanian cooking portal with more than five thousand recipes, both traditional and international. The visitors can print the recipes, they can send them to their friends and rate them. The team has also created three cooking e-books, which users can download or send to their friends.

Objectives: aimed to be a website with a simple, user-friendly interface, easy to navigate and interact with.

Using its Content Management System platform, TreeWorks created a website whose content can be easily updated. The website has a search engine-friendly structure, thus increasing its ranking and visibility.

The interface is simple and easy to use. The recipes are cathegorized by type (soups, deserts, beverages) and by country. The visitors can search for recipes using the classical search engine, or the Gustos Mixer feature (the results will only show recipes that contain the ingredients chosen by the visitor). Registered members get twice a month the Gustos newsletter which contains cooking articles and recipes selections.