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Project description

General presentation:
, the most important Romanian television station, decided to celebrate 10 years of age by refreshing its virtual image. TreeWorks created a modern concept which emphasizes the fact that ProTV was and is the Romanian media leader.

ProTV wanted to communicate with its viewers easier and more efficiently. The station wanted a simpler, easier to navigate interface for its visitors.

The ProTV website is organized in sections characteristic for other big media websites: stars, shows, series, movies, TV schedule, news. New sections can be added depending on the station's needs. The conception of the website also allows for including multimedia materials and photo galleries.

Because the contact with its viewers is a characteristic of the ProTV brand, the website has a great variety of features for interacting with them: a message board, a newsletter, daily recommendations, as well as the ability to alert viewers through email when the station shows movies with their favorite actors or directors.

The website can be administrated very easily through a web interface which allows for continuous, real-time content updating. The website respects the international standards, and it is optimized for top ranking on search pages for relevant keywords (ProTV stars and shows).

The Protv website was updated.