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Project description

General presentation:
is a cooking portal with more than five thousand recipes, both traditional and international. The recipes can be printed, sent to friends and rated by the visitors. The ingredients' quantities can be shown both in metric units and in US/English units.

TreeWorks aimed to develop an user-friendly website, with an easy-to-use interface.

Using its Content Management System platform, TreeWorks created a website whose content can be updated very easily. Due to its structure, RecipesLive can be easily indexed by search engines, thus getting a top ranking.

The visitors can search for recipes using the classical search engine, as well as the Food Mixer feature. The Food Mixer only shows in its results the recipes containing certain ingredients chosen by the user. Another way of finding relevant recipes is by listing other similar recipes on the personal page of each recipe. The recipes are organized by their type (stews, soups, salads) and by their country of origin.