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General presentation:
Home Highlight
is an ever-growing virtual community of expert writers. It offers more than 15 thousand free-for-reprint articles about home, family, recreation, lifestyle, entertainment and self-improvement subjects.

The website's purpose is to promote free speech and the free circulation of the information.

The website is based on the Content Management System created by TreeWorks, with a sleek, simple design. To boost the search engine ranking, TreeWorks implemented a source code that makes Home Highlight easy to index by search engine spiders.

To facilitate the contact between writers and readers, each author has a small homepage at his/her disposal. This page contains a short bio and their list of written articles. Content is easy to export due to the RSS feed. This fast and easy to use method presents a clear advantage to authors and recipients, disseminating information with great speed and increasing their visibility due to the possibility of exporting content to other websites and RSS feed clients. Users can also email and generate a printer friendly version of any article.

The back-end system (the online management system of the content) allows for easy monitoring and management of the content and the members of the portal, without any need for technical know-how.